Custom System Development:

We consult and construct a system from the ground up. Whether it is a cloud software or a locally operated app, we have solutions to cater for your needs. Our platform is adaptable therefore it can run on multiple different devices whether it be an Apple device, a Microsoft computer or just a browser. Even if you already have other systems in your work place we have the ability to integrate them together instead of asking you to eliminate them.

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Data Rework:

Have a few spreadsheets and text files with multiple versions flying around your office? Do you wish there was someone to tidy them up for you? Our data reworking service can help. We can consolidate data, match records, remove duplicates  and re-organise all of the above in the way that you like. Some limitations may apply. For more details please contact us.

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Process Optimisation:

A well-designed and productive business software needs to be built on solid business logic and operation processes. Ready to move your workflow to the digital world? Perhaps it is worthwhile taking another look and optimise them. The chance for your custom solution to succeed will be much higher if you do. We highly recommend our clients to consider this service before any software system is built. It will save you unnecessary costs in the long run.

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Special Project:

You might have a custom app which has been running for years and needs some tune-up. Are you ready to take your system to the next level? Or do you have a very unique business case with no solution in the market place? Talk to us. Never leave a stone unturned.

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Translation Service:

We are fluent in Chinese. We can convert your software or manual in to Chinese for you.

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Our Strength

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Client Focus ...

Your software needs are our focus. You operate in a special segment of industry so it deserves our 110% attention. Ultimately we are only successful if you are successful.

We value face to face communication and collaboration with our clients. Our experience in multiple industries allows us to understand the complications of office politics and the unique dynamics in a range of different work places. Our skills are an invaluable asset in assisting us to obtain project objectives.

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Start with the finish line in mind ...

Whenever a new project is launched the timeline and what the outcome looks like is envisioned. The last mile is often the most important but also the most difficult. We make sure we set our eyes on our target to bring us over the finish line.