We have worked on various systems. Browse below to see what our team has accomplished.


- A system that integrates with Google Map web services

- A custom system that integrates with Xero

- A custom system that integrates with MYOB

- Medical, after-hour call out service system

- Comedy event management system

- Payslip accounting database

-  Event management system

- Dental consultant referral system

- Well being diagnoses and prescription system

- Civil work job management system

- Online form filling system

- Family relationship database

- Kindergarden enrolment system


We are not your typical developer. Our developers have a wealth of knowledge from a diverse range of industries. This experience brings a different perspective when working with clients on understanding the business challenges and objectives.


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FileMaker Developer • Business Specialist • Deputy Sales & Project Director • Senior Supply Chain Consultant • Manager, project management • Quality Engineer

Kevin Hwang [kevin@elim12.com.au, +61 419862888 ]

FileMaker Dreamer & Designer

Victoria Chou [vic@elim12.com.au, +61 419839534]

FileMaker Developer

Michael Hwang [michael@elim12.com.au, +61 419892334]

Sales, Product Support